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novel excerpt

  1. A

    Prologue to a WIP novel

    Action Adventure Fantasy 
    Hello this is a snippet from a novel that I am currently writing. I am a first time writer and this is my first time posting on this forum. So hello all and thank you for a place to share my work. (formatting is also a little weird so try not to pay to much attention) It was a boring post...
  2. brainstorm — Melancholia

    brainstorm — Melancholia

    At a casino, or some sort of smoke-filled gambling den: "There's definitely a wrong way to play blackjack..." The cards slid silently to the silhouettes, shadowed deeply by the intense light shining down on the dealer in the middle. "Just hit. Again and again and again, until you go over 21 and...
  3. Epoch Coda (fragment 1)

    Epoch Coda (fragment 1)

    Anger at himself, at everything, welled inside. Tears welled in his eyes. He was burning. Burning. "Where are you going son?" the conductor asked around the cigar dangling between his lips. Grizzled hair poked out from underneath a dirty cap. A grizzled, pointy beard poked out from his chin...
  4. Micro-excerpt of Untitled Manuscript

    Micro-excerpt of Untitled Manuscript

    He wiped at the glass eyepieces of his gasmask in disbelief. Like leaves on willows they swayed gently from creaking branches above the pitter-patter of their own bloodfall. "It never stops raining in Sorrow's Wood," Remy remembered the words of Father Lacroix. The forest grew because it...
  5. Guardian (an excerpt from my WIP)

    Guardian (an excerpt from my WIP)

    When I posted this before, I accidentally made it my blog "homepage", rather than an actual published entry. So I'm here to fix that. :p --- Vibrant green plants, as tall as ancient trees, wavered in a sea of wet and oppressive heat. Condensation slid down their stems, dripped from the tips...
  6. jbishop15

    Survival Is Not Mandatory (Novel Excerpt)

    This is the end of the first (and only) finished novel. I wrote this bit over a year ago, just before my 22nd birthday. I spent a few months after editing, but eventually put it back on the shelf and haven't really played much attention to it since. Even in the year and months since I've...