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non fiction

  1. Poison Maker

    Orlydia Blossoms: A jealous heart

    Horror Mystery Thriller 
    "There is a belief that the nocturnal butterflies are dark elves who observe and study us in secret during the late hours." 5 September 1925 - the village of Marble (Western Orlydia): "Apostate!" the voices shouted in my head as I reached for the shelf...
  2. Giving up Crayola

    Giving up Crayola

    So, this I found again on my kindle. It was an entry for a non fiction competition I entered, but I didn't place at all. I would've work shopped this but wasn't sure what to put it under so my blog seemed perfect! Feel free to comment! 😊 My writing journey: How I gave up the Crayola "You...
  3. Matchu

    My last nurse

    ADULT THEMES My last nurse play/fun write. maybe draft on later, write about my nurse chap a little more? My last nurse Of course I had heard the reports concerning the vaccination centre provided for the mere ordinary people. My own wife described how they were indeed herded at the two...
  4. driftglass

    Greetings from a tropical urbanite

    Hi all, I'm 19 and I live in Singapore. I've been writing since I was 10 years old, and I recently got started on drawing. I write fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, non fiction and postmodern fiction. My art portfolio An excerpt: "...Standard poses of the human anatomy—hands on...