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  1. Commuters Shocked as Truck Strikes, Kills Fallen Trans Bird

    Commuters Shocked as Truck Strikes, Kills Fallen Trans Bird

    (NOTE: This is another post from my personal blog that no one reads) Spokane Valley, Wa – Drivers were shocked on their morning commute Wednesday when a trans bird fell from under the Sullivan Street overpass directly into west-bound traffic on Interstate 90. In an ironic twist, the bird was...
  2. mw1406

    "Jovial Man's Choice of Shirt Causes Stir"

    Houston, TX—Arthure Wibbly-42, wore a shirt today that, unbeknownst to him, was the sole cause of a spike in reported area disturbances. "I've never wanted to fight anybody in my life... ever.." said Pastor Johnathan Albrete-68 from Houston. "but...when I saw that guy wearing THAT shirt... I...
  3. Scarlett_156

    News: Woman to Be Prosecuted for ID Theft After Impersonating Boyfriend on Facebook

    Heh. Interesting article. Here's the article: Woman To Be Prosecuted For Identity Theft After Impersonating Boyfriend On Facebook | Fox News I know lots of people who have done this or are doing it. A lot of them thing it's only a prank. What do you think?
  4. theusedfire5

    Looking for writers for a blog in development

  5. S

    This article is slightly old

    The AV referendum: a victory for Cameron On 5 May, the same day as the local council elections the AV referendum will be held, that is the referendum on whether we should maintain our present first-past-the-post electoral system or change to the preferential voting system AV. On paper...