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new writer

  1. D

    Welcome to the jungle

    Good afternoon, fabulous writery-people! I'm just a teenage wasteland with a few different story ideas I hope to develop with your kind assistance, or not so kind if what you're reading is a dog's breakfast. If you have the time and energy, read what I write and help me fix the myriad mistakes!
  2. IndigoCypher


    The times, they aren't a-changing Yeah, we're all still here, and it's still raining. And we all say it's not really fair. Cause there's still the dirty crooks who don't really care. About the way people live and what they give. We've lost the trail, once again. To the Empire State, The...
  3. L

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hi there! I am new to the writing forum and super excited about being here :) I've enjoyed reading and writing since I was a child and am about to officially embark on my first attempt at Self-publishing a book. I say attempt, as I feel there is just so much information to take in. I look...
  4. S

    Looking for Advice

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, and I am new to the writing world. I have written my whole life, but never professionally. I just wrote a book and am working on a second. The first book is about my life. I wrote a book proposal that I want to send to agents to try to get a contract. If there...
  5. V

    Very Happy To Be Taking This Step!

    Hello to all the Forum Members! My name is Vicki... I have waited quite a while to take the step into the "writing life", and am happy to be at a point that I can now do that. One of my favorite quotes (anonymous-- so I can't contribute it to anyone, unfortunately), is: "A bend in the...
  6. jasonwithwords

    Hey everyone

    Hey everyone, My name is Jason. I moved to California about two years ago to pursue screenwriting (Like the rest of the city). I like to write magical realism and science fiction. I write short stories as well that are based on things I've seen. I'm here to learn how to break into the writing...
  7. H

    an offer of representation based on a partial - what should I think?

    Hello, I am a new author in search of representation and I have a rather urgent question: Recently, I shot an email informing all the agents who had my full or partial manuscript about the status of my full manuscript submissions (I had quite a few out), and also to let them know about my...