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  1. The Blue Pencil

    Hey everyone!

    I have finally decided to join a writing forum, hopefully this was a good idea. Now, how will I introduce myself? :oops: Well, my name is Mallory and I love to write short fiction, poetry, and also nonfiction. I have a blog which I really enjoying writing on, but unfortunately I am very...
  2. P

    I'm new.

    I'm new to writingforums. I'm not what I'd call a writer, but I've been unemployed for just over 7 years and have recently started writing as a means of keeping myself sane, in sync, and 'with it.' :) I finished a rough draft of a horror (vampire) novel recently and am looking for someone to...
  3. D

    Weeeeee, High Fives All Around!

    For some reason I had the idea that this section was like running through a line of people giving high fives. My Name is Dan, I am in Vancouver Canada and I enjoy lots of things. I am very lucky where i live, I can come home after work, hike a mountain, walk to a secluded cove, take a ferry...