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new here

  1. D

    Late starter

    Hello everyone! Dante Wynter here! Well, that's my pen name any ways, my alter ego. I started writing when I was in the second grade, and yet, rarely considered it a viable profession. Probably because my family insisted I could never make it as a writer. My Senior English teacher...
  2. L

    Well hey there, Sunshine

    Hi, my name is Lise. and I live in Canada. I started writing in college. I wrote the first draft of a novel for credits, back in the day when you could get credits for making yogurt. It was a long, rambling fantasy based on a dream about killing my father with a soul-sucking sword. (By the way...
  3. K


    My name here is Kyella and I'm 18 yrs old. I really enjoy poetry, both reading and writing, however I'm not overly good at writing. I'm hoping I'll be able to improve with some advice and help from people who are better than me, even though its a bit frightening showing my work to people outside...
  4. J

    I am new here.

    Hello fellow writers, I ran into this site on a search and I decided to join. What I write mainly is short stories full of drama and romantic, they come from parts of my own life. I also write dark and depressing poems. Just wanted to share my writings somewhere. :) Jess-Nichole
  5. T

    Me, as I am.

    Good morning UK, welcome and sleep on USA, as for the rest, greetings from Germany. It's a beautiful sunny morning and I've been awake since five o'clock. I' 68 years of age, born in Manchester, England and reside in Germany with my family. I write sci-fi, fantasy, crime thrillers, mystery...