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new author

  1. S.demots

    Good day good evening good night!

    Hello to all! I am Sebastian DeMots, a freshly squeezed writer! I published my first book yesterday and have many more zooming up the pipeline of literary works. Very glad to have found such a rich environment to communicate with fellow lovers of the written word.
  2. MarkParkins

    Greetings and salutations

    Hello to one and all from myself as a new member, Although I have written my entire life as a lyricist/singer in many bands, it was only this year that I started writing full-length fiction after a health related issue stopped me in my tracks, and had me sitting around getting a bit too lazy...
  3. OP99

    Hi everyone!

    I'm always a little nervous to do introductions, and nervous in general, but I really need to start interacting with others writers more. I don't have very many friends as it is, but especially friends who write, so I'm often stuck with no one to share ideas with. Hopefully, I can join in some...
  4. Anizeitshla

    Have a Story

    I got a story I just wanna upload it to different sites! Am I able to do that here or nah?
  5. Moon Child

    Namaste 💕

    Hello everyone. I'm the ingenue here, newly registered just a few hours ago. I've been writing fanfictions on and AO3 for over a decade now, but it's only in the last year I've started to write my own fiction stories. I've the first three chapters of a novel completed and...
  6. YggNate

    First expressions count New writer of polemical prose poetry

    You have a big idea? I know the feeling. Putting it into words that you're happy enough of the relevant people will understand is a step further. Then the kind of publishing available to anyone, the kind that doesn't by implication include extensive promotion, is another step forward. And...
  7. JRBennett550

    Another New Guy

    These are always such a difficult thing for me to do. I enjoy sharing my thoughts, opinions, and experiences. However, I'm never any good at discussing myself or really know what to say. Either way, here goes. My name is J.R. Bennett. I am the owner of Paper Sun Publishing and author of a new...
  8. Sausage_Creature

    New member YA/horror wannabe author

    Hi, my username is from Hunter S. Thompson's review of a Ducati motorcycle and many would consider it the best review of a motorcycle ever written. I started writing more than 30 years ago, and during the 00s I had a first abortive attempt at writing a novel. The ideas were good, the execution...
  9. WasatchWind

    New to here

    Hello, Online I go by the moniker of WasatchWind, and am a writer of fantasy and science fiction. I've happened upon this site, and it seems more my wheelhouse than other writing sites I've frequented in the past. I know it is frowned upon, especially on an unfinished draft, to ask people to...
  10. anurag

    Hello Writers!

    Excited to be part of this community. I am a tech writer and have soft spot for poetry as well. I am thankful for having me here. Looking forward to working and sharing my work with you all. Thank you again. Have a great day and keep safe! - Anurag With love from India
  11. B

    a new writer for the forum

    Hi, My name is Ben Allan Watkins. I have been writing, really, as long as I can remember. Stories were getting me in trouble when I was young as 8 or 9 and rewriting films instead of answering questions in lessons. wrI have completed a novel that is getting sent out to publishers at the...