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need help

  1. twinmommy1113

    Book Conflicts

    I am writing a romance novel, and it was going well until I ran into an issue. The issue is that the narrator in my book is telling a story about her life, but at this point in the story she is 13. So, is her first boyfriend. So, I guess the question I'm trying to ask is, "Is it okay to write...
  2. Elle_Kay83

    So the New Members can't participate in challenges or I am wrong

    Hello, there! I was inspired to participate in this month's Literary Maneuvers but it looks like it's impossible. Are the New Members excluded from participation?! Maybe I've missed that part somewhere in the Rules. I don't know who to contact. It's a bit way too new in here for me.
  3. L

    How do you overcome writer's block?

    Hello, I am a brand new member here and I am still learning how to use the forum. I have a quick question, what do you guys use to overcome writer's block? I am a boat lost at sea.
  4. S

    Blog Ideas?

    Hello! I am reaching out to the community because I would love some help deciding what my new blog should be called. My current blog, Six Months, Six Books is exactly what it sounds like. I wrote six books in six months. My new blog is going to be a little different and I need a lot of...