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  1. J

    Regardless of what, it will surely be.

    The days have gone, the days have come, Renewed what was and will continue to be, Through stormy skies, and the breaking of sunrise, Only then, will the eyes then see. Despite the lingering days of shadow, Our hearts then yearn to be free, Through winter days where the heart relays, Of how much...
  2. Otviss


    There are birds that saw in pears. Yeah. Imagine. Either sawing with their wings like people? or with their beak, then graciously fly away. Just sawing in pears with a normal saw probably. But only in the middle. Tiny tiny tiny saws. They do that and you hear. You actually hear! The loud but...
  3. Annie. Marie

    Wishful Teachings

    I long to learn the dance of the dandelion; To grow outwards as the sun hits me so To grant wishes through breaths and once blown away to grow through new opportunities wherever my pieces may land.
  4. WildPolitics

    An Encounter

    I thought it was time I showed my colours and posted a short piece for people's comment and critique (I have made some minor amends since first posting). This is a small excerpt of a book I am writing about wildlife conservation work and connection to local communities: An encounterMargi...
  5. hghwriting

    Fog & Ice [4500 words]

    Hi people! I'm a 26 year old Norwegian male who have just finished my business stuides. While writing my dissertation this summer i decided to take on my first fiction project as I have always enjoyed writing and reading. I was hoping some of you might be bothered to critique my short-story...
  6. fpak

    There are plenty of good trees in Bangalore

    Moved to poetry workshop
  7. C

    A Few Shots From August

    I hadn't posted anything in a while, so here are a few shots from August 2014.
  8. Kentobu

    The Darkwoods Pack: The Hunt (Extreme Violence) - (2512 words)

    This is the first ever of my series of paleo-stories. That is my word for the type of stories I am writing at the moment. They are my attempts at imagining an age man has never been able to see, and that fascinates millions around the world. I try to do this in a realistic and accurate manner...
  9. R

    haiku (3-set)

    in leafy shadows the rambling river flows pebbles race in place morning mist creeps wide dew glides off on leafy fronds sunrise meets the day cheek to cheek they race raindrops across window panes clouds linger then part
  10. Richard.E.Craig

    Dance of the Midnight Lepidoptera: By R.E.Craig

    Dance of the Midnight Lepidoptera By R.E.Craig She drifted on a evening breeze, dusty,pink and brown. She skitted low and high in graceful arcs, a dance performed in silence. She,that graceful moth whom seeks the light, who deftly moves in earths nightly realm. She there in the darkness...
  11. Richard.E.Craig

    Paradise Summers: Reminiscences of Childhood No1 By R.E.Craig

    Remember how-when we were young we ran among the golden meadow. Remember those sweet summer days by the cool burbling brook that ran at the foot of the bottom field. Remember how-as kids we played-how life was then forever. How days were blue and the sun shone hot upon our little pink backs...
  12. F

    Daughter Nature

    I wrote this a long time ago and have revisited it several times in the last 10 years. It was an inspirational poem for me, and I never really thought about publishing. I'm not much of a poet, but that's probably why I'd like to get a taste of what others think about it. I'm under the general...
  13. Willthriller

    The Nature of Music

    Please delete this post.