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national poetry month

  1. am_hammy

    Guest Interview: Diane Lockward

    In honor of National Poetry month, we had the privilege of interviewing Diane Lockward. Diane is the Poet Laureate of West Caldwell, New Jersey. She's headed several poetry festivals over the years and is the author of several collections of her poetry. She has also authored a poetry workshop...
  2. A

    Exploraform: Ballade

    I have been battling a cold or something the last several days but never fear, for though I am hacking up my lungs I have brought to you the Ballade! Behold: The Ballade The ballade was one of the principal forms of music and poetry in 14th- and 15th-century France. The form typically...
  3. PiP

    Author Interview with R. H. Peat (RHPeat)

    Our next interview, in celebration of National Poetry Month, is with poet and artist R.H. Peat (aka RHPeat). Ron has been writing poetry for over 50 years so I was delighted when he agreed to be interviewed. Thank you, Ron. Please tell us a little about yourself and your background. — I was...
  4. PiP

    Author Interview with Jennifer Christie Temple (jenthepen)

    In celebration of National Poetry Month who better for us to interview than popular mentor and poet, Jennifer Christie Temple. Jen is probably better known to WF members as jenthepen. Thank you for joining us, Jen! Jen, please tell us a little about yourself and your background. I’m retired...
  5. PiP

    PiP's Links

    Writing 30 poems in 30 days when you've hit the dreaded creative wall is going to be a tough. Sooo... as I love taking photographs I'm going to use my photos as a source of inspiration. A different picture for each poem. I plan to allow myself an hour a day and whatever I've written in that...
  6. PiP

    Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge (2016)

    Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge (2016) Hosts: PiP and HarperCole Prompt Title: Spaces Unseen Word Count: Max 200 words (including title) Form: Entrants' choice Members eligible to enter this challenge have already received their invitations. To qualify they met the following...
  7. A

    What's Happening in April?

    Over the past few weeks, there's been a lot of talk surrounding both WF's Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge and NaPoWriMo, and for the eagle-eyed among us, most will have noticed this logo attached to each event: For international members not in the know, April 2016 is US National Poetry...
  8. PiP

    Are You One Of Our Lucky Poets?

    We hatched a grand plan to celebrate the U.S. National Poetry Month with interviews, NaPoWriMo, various poetry discussions etc... so the next logical step was to create a Prize Invitational Challenge for our WF poets. We could hardly let the fiction writers have all the fun could we...
  9. PiP

    WF's Inaugural Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge

    In celebration of National Poetry Month 2016 we are pleased to announce WF's inaugural Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge! Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge (2016) Competition will commence April 1st, 2016 Hosted by PiP and Harper Cole ~ 4 ways to Win ~ First Place $50 One Year...
  10. Selorian

    The Bards' Bistro

    Come in, grab a seat, have a drink and a bite to eat while enjoying general LM Poetry Challenge discussions, questions, and the like. *Please be advised that only challenge and score threads are allowed within the LM Poetry Challenge forum. All questions and discussions should take place here...