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  1. D

    NaPoWriMo Index

    Setting this up: #1 01-04-2019 Old Men Through A Coffee Shop Window [here] Susurrant sustenance [here] #2 02-04-2019 Pilea peperomioides [here] #3 03-04-2019 Haikus [here] #4 04-04-2019 The culture adapts [here] #5 05-04-2019 I nearly forgot. [here] #6 06-04-2019 Off-comed-un [here] #7...
  2. -xXx-

    2016 m04, 30daze

    will have to do the link bit when I have more time will also add personal notes (ct/rs) many inspirations to each of you, WF poets :) -0401 be(g)in- plunk down a measure stare at the line listen for the shot not so far behind abandoned by tailwind pockets full of grit dig in that first toe...
  3. A

    What's Happening in April?

    Over the past few weeks, there's been a lot of talk surrounding both WF's Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge and NaPoWriMo, and for the eagle-eyed among us, most will have noticed this logo attached to each event: For international members not in the know, April 2016 is US National Poetry...