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  1. spilledink14

    Hello, hello!

    Hi there, I've just joined the forum and thought I had better introduce myself. I'm a chef by trade and live in the UK, with my husband and our young daughter. I always used to enjoy writing (almost as much as I enjoy talking), but haven't had the confidence or dedication to sit down and write...
  2. S

    Wanted to share ..... My NaNoWriMo

    Just like falling in love, I unexpectedly, surprisingly and quite girlishly fell in love with YA novels. I have been reading the genre ever since last year. It’s funny that in my teens I was a dark horror-junkie, breaking into science fiction in my twenties and ending up a fan of YA Novels in...
  3. E

    Next 500 words of my YA fantasy/adventure novel

    So I wanted to post the first chapter for review, but I get bored while editing so I'm doing it a page at a time instead! Which seems to be about 500 words on average, so I'm happy with that. Any advice is greatly appreciated! I've kept on the last paragraph of the first bit I posted. If you...
  4. MJCaan


    Anyone here doing it this year? Or do you think it is an exercise in futility? Thanks, MJ Caan
  5. C

    Looking forward to 2011

    This November is going to be my first time doing the NaNo contest. Can anybody tell me what to expect?(other than people calling my crazy for trying to write 50,000 words in one month.)