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  1. N

    Question for Arab writers! Please help me

    Hi! My question is: is it okay if I give my Oc an Arabic name even if they're not Arab? Her dad is not from Earth (my story is a fanasy one that takes place in Earth) and her mom is a phoenix (of course she has a human form) who is from Earth, but she as a individual has no human ethnicity...
  2. Stormcat

    Character names you hate... and ones you love.

    The second most important thing you can give your character is a good name. (The first is of course a memorable personality). As writers, we have characters we love, and characters we hate, but what about their names? Recently in my day job, I had a client by the name of "Rhea". There was...
  3. W

    Medieval surname for the royal family

    I've been researching surnames during the middle ages, and I get the impression that around around 1200 or so they began to appear for individuals of all statuses. But, I also get the impression that some people, specifically some royals and nobles, had surnames even before that time. As my...