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  1. M

    Monsters in Broad Daylight (Short Story)

    Hey guys, here is a surrealist short story that I wrote recently. Thank you for reading :-) Monsters in Broad Daylight Isn’t it odd the tactics parents use to win an argument. For instance, walking out the door knowing that an eight year old boy was too vulnerable to the dark corners of a...
  2. PiP

    WritingForums BookStore

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  3. SueC

    Prologue to "Surviving Nathan" - A novel set in the Dust Bowl

    Prologue. The outskirts of Ada, Oklahoma – 1934 (word count 553) On hot summer nights, occasional gusts of wind whip the dry red soil of a seldom-used road into small eddies that are silent reminders of loss and despair. The area is sparsely populated with deserted farms and squatters’...
  4. gerdun


    Chapter 1 John’s body felt like it had smashed headfirst into a wall of physical and emotional exhaustion. He stared into the mirror of the rusted cream Nissan Vanette and saw the guilt in his puffy, bloodshot eyes. The image of his wife’s departure from their crumbling eight-year marriage...
  5. M

    Under Construction (Short Story)

    Hey guys! Thank you for clicking and reading my latest short story. Who knows how those business men did it. They floated in to my mansion every morning (well, it wasn’t actually my mansion, but I’ll get there in a minute) as if they didn’t have to move their legs, as if they were carried...
  6. T

    The prehistoric creature mystery

    In my short story I have an animal hunter called Brett who comes across a prehistoric creature in the 21st century that was generally thought to be extinct. The researchers of America sent him after the creature. The chase after the elusive creature sends Brett and his many assistants crashing...
  7. M

    Mr. Dean (Opening of Short Story)

    Hey guys, here is the opening to my longer short story I'm currently writing. Thanks for reading! Every time the doors of the Il Inglese Collegamento Albergo (The English Connection Hotel) open today, Jeanie expects to look up from her papers to see the chiselled face, and bug like sunglasses...
  8. M

    Footprints (Short Story)**language warning

    Hey guys, here is a short story I recently wrote: What a great way to start a Monday, you get up at 5.00am, yawn your way through eating cereal which is really cardboard, brush your teeth with a brush so old its head looks like a road sweeper’s brush, take your child to school, drive to work...
  9. drumzii

    "Inner Demons" 2nd extract by Neal Drummond (language caution. mature theme)

    2nd extract from "Inner Demons". Essex, February 1968. "Pass it 'ere then" Jane sat up, reaching for the pipe. Hair stuck across her face, she realized she had fallen asleep on the floor with her head in a spilt drink. There was no response, bar a sleepy whimper from Rupert, her boyfriend...
  10. M

    She Sea's (Short Story; mild language)

    Here is a short story I did. Mostly Dialogue: Even though Brad had lived in Galveston for ten months now. He had not seen the lights of the Southern Texas town at night like this before. From his vantage point in his lighthouse at the edge of town, which stood out from the small huts and beach...
  11. Elsey2

    Title Ideas Anyone?

    I've been playing with ideas for titles of a book I'm writing. The story is a mixture of mystery/thriller/romance. It revolves around a secret society at a pristine college. Does anyone have any ideas for a good title? This is something I get stuck on whenever I write.
  12. Y

    Bridges (Parts 1 & 2)

    This is the beginnings of a short story about a civil rights movement between right and left-brained people. There will be setting development later on in the story, but for right now, I'm trying to get a feel for the characters and their thoughts towards themselves. Bridges “Breathe,” Tafari...
  13. S

    Ravina mystery!

    Hey! Ok so, this script is kinda finished. Stage direction isn't done yet, but I'm going to figure that out later when I find out what's actually possible to do on our small stage. Right now I'm just interested if the story sounds good at all, if the dialogue sounds natural any plot holes i need...
  14. M

    L.A's Gutter (Opening) (Language)

    Hi, this is my first ever attempt at a script because I wanted to have a break from just writing novels. So this is an opening to a story I have- yes there probably be quite a lot of mistakes but I would love to write a full script so feedback would be appreciated, thanks. :) L.A’s Gutter...
  15. S

    Ravina Mystery!

    I have to write a play for school, a short one. And I think this is the right place to post it? If not, please correct me! (Note: This is a rough draft, and not all stage directions are in yet.) What id like to know: Any plot holes i may have missed. Any lines that just seem pointless or...
  16. M

    L.A's Gutter: First Chapter

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to have a look at my novel set 1948 Los Angeles. The story is about a struggling detective who finds is step father dead, along with two little girls. Wanting to find the reason for the deaths he finds himself put in a downward spiral of corrupt Hollywoodland...
  17. M

    Universal Imbalance - a work-in-progress novel (language)

    Hey everybody! I'm new to the boards, and I have recently begun working on a novel that I'd like to share. I have it all (generally) plotted out from chapter to chapter, now I just gotta flesh it out into a full story. Although there's not strong language in this prologue, there will be later...
  18. F

    Any Good Medical Mysteries?

    I personally LOVE books that have a medical mystery in them. They are so riveting and they just give me chills. However, when I dive into my local libraries I can't find any books that are mysteries based off of medical practice. If you have any recommendations please share so I can load up my...
  19. Burns the Fire

    Hi-5 from Montreal

    Hi Everyone, Happy to be back on the forums with my writer peeps after being side-tracked for a while. I am a writer and indie filmmaker busting it out on the web. I love the immediacy, contact and form of a blog. Using photos to illustrate text is the cheapest filmmaking I know. Video is...
  20. RonPrice

    Happy Birthday Charles Dickens: 200 Today!

    ENGENDERING TOOL There is a discipline, an earnestness, a self-reliance, that enables me to create myself, find my origins, in this poetry. This poetry is an engendering tool for making myself, defining myself, my life, like some progeny. Perhaps I am laying to rest the ghost of my father...