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  1. Deleted member 56686

    Hi! Hi! Hi!

    Yeah, that cool emoji is a flaw we have here (#%^* gremlins!). I think you have to maybe lose the final bracket. Typing the eight the way you're supposed to always brings up the emoji. Anyway, welcome to All Things Music again :D
  2. Trollheart

    Trollheart's Album Review Thread

    I'm just going to keep all my album reviews here. I enjoy a pretty diverse taste in music, so expect to see just about anything here. Feel free to comment on or discuss any of the albums I post here, and if there's an album you'd like my opinion on, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Note...
  3. seigfried007

    The Writing Playlist Thread

    I figured the forum could use an all-in-one playlists-for-writing thread. I've seen a lot of separate threads revolving around music through the years here, and really wanted one good spot people could go to to find something that might suit their WIP. It's been my experience that a good...
  4. P

    I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor

    This is the first story I’ve shared on here, but is the fourth I’ve written based on well known song titles. I dedicated it to one of my three sisters as she suggested the title. The first bit is just a bit of fun at her expense but you will be able to work out where the story starts...
  5. C

    The mentioning of a Music Band Name and a song

    Hello All; I am wrapping up work on my first novel to be published. My question is this. I mention several different Band's and their song's in the book. The book is based on the 80s, and the bands are from that period. What is the way to handle having these Band Names and the mentioning of...
  6. Fowly

    Favorite Music while Writing

    I'm sure everyone has something they like to listen to while tapping at the keys. Personally, I have a variety of music that I listen to to get the ideas flowing. Sometimes I'll listen to some classical like Danse Macabre or newer sound vibrations like Big Black Delta's "Dreary Moon." I like...
  7. A

    Acoustic Corner : You’ll Find a Way by Adam Harkus

    The first in a series of stripped back acoustic performances, live from Acoustic Corner. I’ll be performing a variety of material from my back catalogue, new stuff I haven’t produced yet, and even the odd cover. Just me and my Acoustic, live, and (hopefully) in one take. ‘You’ll find a way’ is a...
  8. A

    Acoustic Corner : The Indian By Adam Harkus

    I wrote ‘The Indian’ way back in 1999 as part of my unreleased and un-named third album. It’s song about the plight of the peaceful native American Indians against the cruelty of the ‘White Man’. A powerful message long forgotten, but one we can still all learn from today. Played on a Taylor...
  9. M

    A Dark Melody

    I make Music to the rain I can’t promise, it’ll ease the pain It sounds nothing like Jane’s. But Jane’s Vinyl records are now full of scratches no longer playing a sweet melody. You once had bodyguards a night stalker now hold the cards. Your songs are now painful love songs that...
  10. kbsmith

    You Always Hurt the Ones You Love

    The ones you shouldn't hurt at all. You always take the sweetest rose, and then crush it til the petals fall. You always break the kindest hearts, with a hasty word you can't recall. And if I broke your heart last night, I swear it's because I love you.
  11. kbsmith

    Undertaker kkills another guitar. [CAUGHT ON TAPE]

    I tried to curse my guitar on Halloween with candvlewax by reviving Jimi Hendrix from the dead to live in it. Three weeks later, It creeped me out so I smashed it: near the end, snapped the neck over my knee. You can view the video her nonviral. You can hear the song by her several.
  12. kellypeace

    Excerpt from "Travellin' Band: A Roadie Memoir" (378)

    An excerpt from the eighth chapter (set in 1976) of my upcoming novella, a fictional autobiography of a roadie in the seventies. More excerpts are here: roadiememoir.blogspot.com "[W]e drove to Michigan for a couple shows we had, and managed to get tickets for an Aerosmith concert in...
  13. M

    New Songwriter - got advice?

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself, thought this would be a great place to do that! I'm actually learning to become a better songwriter, working on my techniques, lyrical structure, etc...been playing guitar for a while. Actually, I'm wondering if anyone would know any great books...
  14. G

    Winter before Winter

    I want to write about the snow but all I think about is the chickens, their silly pea-sized heads as they stand on the cord that heats their water and so end up with a brick of ice. I want to write about ice-skating in the park, but the parks are all woods, the ponds duck puddles and the...
  15. Nemesis

    If Your Novel was a Movie and that Movie had a Soundtrack.

    I don't know about y'all, but when I get into writing there's normally a song playing in my head. Music is my muse. In fact, I've actualy made a playlist for two of my stories and they made great CD's. So tell me, if your novel was a movie and that movie had a soundtrack, what would be on it?
  16. B

    Requesting reccomendations for music that fosters scientific writing

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if there is a particular type of music that enhances writing productivity, more specifically scientific writing? Whenever I try to write, my ADD and OCD overwhelm my head with all the things that I am trying to say, resulting in an unorganized mess. I would love to...
  17. The Blue Pencil

    Song Title Story Challenge

    This is a fun one that really puts your skills to the test! So, get out your mp3 player, and arrange the song titles on your player to make an interesting story. You may only use the titles of the songs, nothing else. I'm working on mine right now:scratch: and will post it, but I want to see...
  18. Willthriller

    The Nature of Music

    Please delete this post.
  19. moderan

    Musicians Central

    Leave a link here...to a tune or your music page (if it isn't in your sig). Here are a couple of mine that are writing-related: Dandelion Wine Killer in the Rain And one spoken-word collaboration with poet Emily Carmen: Drowning Let us hear you!
  20. G

    The Forgettable Fire - The demise of U2

    I hold a certain amount of antipathy for U2. Actually that is unfair, it’s the singer I hate really. When not indulging in self-righteous platitudes from his multi million pound soapbox, Bono (real name Paul Hewson, one regrettable plus on his Wikipedia page there) is unbelievably still ‘making...