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    Peering through cigarette smoke

    Forget the balm of barometric exuberance. This night no longer young, dissipates. Recall a dewy welcome of sun-quaffed green. Yesterdays revive severed umbilical dreams. Peruse this present but fleeting acumen. Today ceases yet emerges again tomorrow. Ignite that kindling of...
  2. H

    Do you have a muse?

    I've never really thought about my muse much, but I suppose I do have one, whether or not it's taken me a while to realize him. What's your muse like? What role does your muse play in your writing experience?
  3. R

    Musing on the Demise of the Muse

    when the clack of keyboards cease and pages of unbound books scattered by the indolent breeze produce a melancholy dirge think of all the unwritten words that remain stillborn in the mind much like the gilded pheasant out of the snare and into the fire
  4. J

    She Fancied Herself a Writer

    That's the name of my blog; She fancied herself a writer... I've been writing for about 14 years. 2 non-fiction books published, just finished another - Wake Up your Muse and have finished a first draft of my first novel. I also recently started a Writer's group called Inspired Ink. I grew...