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  1. Mikeyboy_esq

    What MOTIVATED you to finish book no. 1?

    Dear Author Friends: What MOTIVATED you to finish book no. 1? The thing that helped me most was publicly sharing my author goal on social media and asking friends & family to hold me accountable. During the 4 LONG YEARS it took to complete my debut book, I can't tell you how many times folks...
  2. Mikeyboy_esq

    PRO TIP: Use Social Media to Motivate you to Write!

    5 years ago, I set a PERSONAL GOAL of writing my first book about college teaching tips. To keep me motivated, I publicly announced this goal and a 1-year deadline on FB.Instead of keeping it secret, I wanted the peer pressure of friends and family to remind me of this goal from time to time...
  3. Galen

    Skill, Inspiration, Motivation or Accident; Why do you write Non-Fiction?

    Why do you write Non-Fiction? While in my career, writing was just one part of my responsibilities. I wrote company newsletters, press releases, report summaries, website information pages, user manuals and more. But, as a prematurely retired person, I decided to finish one of my novels...
  4. siliconpoetry

    How to gain Inspiration, making money and not caring about being popular

    Ok. So to start off, I am not a professional at this point nor am I schooled in writing except for college. On that note, I am also an introvert and this shows in my ability to stay afloat as a social butterfly. The reason I mention that is because it seems like my metric of facebook interaction...
  5. mblank

    Motivation for longer works

    I get into really long and in depth works, and have a couple of novels going, but I seem to stall out pretty early. I have a plots, characters, ideas, and I can make them interesting when I actually sit down to write. So far, though, I haven't made it past 25,000 words. My main problem seems...
  6. Taknovrthewrld


    Hello, WF members. You can call me Calvin. I am 21 years old, currently studying business, and have wanted to be a writer since I was around ten years old. When I was that young I used to write stories on the computer about Mario and Luigi and have my mother edit them. I like to make rhyming...
  7. smiledreamlove

    Lacking motivation - what helps you?

    I have two fictions that I've written a substantial amount on... both really good ideas and both fictions I treasure completely. And are two fictions that I've not really touched in awhile. It's irksome to be a writer that isn't writing! I look back on the years passed and how I used to write...
  8. egriffith

    Is my main character too passive?

    I am writing a story set in Japan 400 years ago. A 10-year-old boy is orphaned when his parents are caught up in a rebellion. He is rescued by a mysterious stranger. He is mostly following his mentor and reacting to a new environment for a good portion of the story. How-to books say there should...