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  1. gokedik

    Best Time of My Life

    The front door closed and so went the smell of cigarettes. Mom and step-dad going to work. The house was his now, and his three toddler sisters, whom he adored. He woke them and said, “Come out and play.” MTV was turned on and Bon Jovi or Guns and Roses were on, in all their glam rock glory. He...
  2. S

    Aqua at play

    My most reviewed SS and many have said I should make into a childrens book. This is the second story of Blu, Aqua and Azuless. The first is at least PG13, this one is pure G. Aqua Joltson, hatchling dragon daughter of Azuleton Joltson, wanted to rush out into the exciting world...
  3. LeahG


    I wrote this as an experiment with the third person as I normally use the first which is comfortable for me. Bath He sits in the tub. He puts his mouth to the cooling water and blows, eyes widening in response to the ripples, seeing he has cause and effect and repeating the action several...