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  1. Moonbeast32

    Morally ambiguous villians

    I perceive a trend among fictional literature in recent years. Gone are the days of omnipotent necromancers, evil empires, and demon kings from hell. I believe writers of today no longer focus their narrative on the progress of their protagonist towards conquering an insurmountable obstacle...
  2. McJibbles

    Personal Computer

    Practically Crazy Open your mind and truly see! What makes you so different from me? Lay down your prejudice, Don't be a bigot! Stop the judgement, That's the ticket! End this discrimination, your silly war simply isn't worth fighting for Lock up your tongue, the devilish beast! On hate...
  3. kowalskil

    Two kinds of morality

    TWO KINDS OF MORALITIES, MARXIST VERSUS THEOLOGICAL I am reading interesting comments about communist morality, in a book devoted to Judaism, published in 1975. The authors are two rabbis, D. Prager and J. Telushkin. A Christian theologian would probably make similar observations. Marxists...