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  1. MJ Preston


    W.F. advice for new and aspiring writers: Write what you know! That's easy for someone who actually writes about the things they do. For someone who writes about native monsters, mind controlling insect aliens or serial killers, that can be a daunting task. I mean, I could do these things...
  2. F

    Monster love interests: to do or not?

    I've been seriously thinking about the concept of the "monster love story"; that is, a romance that involves one or both parties being explicitly not human, at least in the traditional sense. The most obvious example is Beauty and the Beast, but I think that story is often misunderstood when...
  3. F

    Changeling *Working Title*: Draft in progress (20893 words)

    For anyone who can't read the attachment, here's the rest of the text. Part One Caterpillar “—Upon the last skin shed, the sufficiently plump caterpillar finds a suitable location to pupate. From here, the insect spins itself into a...
  4. HumanYoYo

    The Kid Who Names Monsters - 1840 Words - Mature Themes, Adult Language

    Hello! Trying to come up with a short story here. Feedback would be much appreciated.... It's my first post, by the way, just sayin'. I decided that I was to go over to Dom’s place and torture him until he dies. No, only joking, but really, fuck Dom… prick. You know what Dom did? Can you even...
  5. A

    Machaiba, A story of life and adventures! Ch 6-10 ~2,800 words

    Chapter 6 That night made him a different man. His mind was made up. He was going to kill these creatures. He would kill them and be a protector of the village. These horsemen kill as they please without regard of who they kill. They know they can't be stopped. That night with the Dullahan...
  6. A

    Machaiba, A story of life and adventures! ~2,700 words

    Part 1 Machaiba and Tobais Chapter 1 Arcos had never been the place to raise young children. It was a large village, deep in the out reaches of any village near it. The houses were rickety structures that sang “Arconian Lullabies”, as they were named by the townspeople. The houses swayed...