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  1. T

    How would one write a monologue

    So in the middle of my story, Misako is all alone wandering a twisted maze of mirrors and taking a rest, she stops at one of the mirrors and begins a dark monologue about herself in general, and to her surprise, her reflection answers back. Thing is, I have never written a monologue before, so...
  2. Fowly


    Why do I run away Why do I hide my face Could It really be That I am someone else In the mirror, That is not me. Who am I I am but a shadow of The person I used to be. Who is she in the mirror Why does she look like me
  3. M

    The Mirror

    You show me many people, but somehow they look different when seen through your eyes. I feel close to them because you give a narrow view but if I’m looking for the big picture I need to look elsewhere. I can see through many of these people even though they try to hide things from me. I’ve...
  4. Lil' Miss

    Girl in the Mirror

    I found this slightly confusing poem in a journal of mine. What do you think? Girl in the Mirror Who is the girl in the mirror I see? Is that truly you, me? Or is me, me And you, just you? Do I exist as you are none? You and me Me and you One is all, And all is one.