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  1. agraymatter

    Always There, Lifelong Friend

    Depression waits for me in the corners of my mind. I must keep the mind inside of me busy as to keep it from stirring rightfully settled dust. Television is not enough, music will not suffice, neither writing nor drawing will keep the mind active enough. Simultaneously I run them. And yet...
  2. agraymatter


    Oh. I haven’t written this entry yet? I’m not mad, really. Rather I am impressed, again, with potential of this thing inside me: my mind. Despite the chimera I was aggressively fixated on while standing before the mirror, I manage to remember what actually happened: I brushed my teeth. As it...
  3. Dylan_9711

    My mind

    Life itself isn’t a blessing nor a curse, For my mind is eternal, For my body is a prison, I pity those yet born, To be subjected to this burden, Locked in the eugenics of morality, Behind these flesh and bones is a mind, Constrained by natural law, Constrained by the dull world, Constrained by...
  4. B

    Minding the Heart

    Removed by author
  5. A

    3 poems

    My mind as a sponge, dry and hardened water poured upon moist, it became. #2 - Fire torched the sky man became many Few remained resilliant, others, feld the sea. #3 - In the light, shadows glow mountains rise to the moon sand brims beauty air.