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  1. krishan

    Promoting Serial Fiction

    For the last one-hundred-and-sixty days or so I've been working on a blog where I post a new short story each day. I've found some readers by listing it on Muse's Success and The Web Fiction Guide - these sites should be a good starting point for anyone who's trying to promote a piece of serial...
  2. J.L. Franklin

    Theirs Was a Strange Love (violence)

    Theirs Was a Strange Love (Rated T+ For Violence) The two had a love-hate...almost erotic relationship with one another. Sworn enemies working in tandem with another: a wicked waltz. They moved together, he mirroring her moves, she his teeth and claws in the shadows, his phantom in the...
  3. N

    micro fiction critique??

    This is meant to be cheesy but realistic ;) Any critique would be appreciated... also, would it be awkward to understand the characters if it was spoken in a presentation> Thanks! "Hey! You ate the last Cheez it!!" "Who cares? I asked for it first anyway!" "No you didn't!! Mo-om!" "Good...
  4. B

    Critiques given and welcomed

    I publish a weekly online Native American magazine which over the years has developed the habit of having a microfiction article. I started it, and despite appeals, I have to write them all. I think a bit of intelligent criticism of my work would really benefit it; since I constantly screen and...