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  1. K

    Are these kind of metaphors/descriptions beautiful, ugly, or distasteful?

    Is it ok to have metaphors in short stories? "In her dream, she had been playing under the iridescent moon – its crescent shape looking like it pierced the silence of the serene enveloping night." - It's night and I wanted to convey a peaceful, quaint image. "Beams of glowing light emanated...
  2. RHPeat

    Poem & Epistle: understanding the metaphor’s use

    The Metaphor Much is won or lost with one’s skill and cunning with the blade; if the steel is to make its fatal mark and bend a contender to his humbled knees. The metal should be a well known piece from the gripped handle to the point with a knowledge of it’s double edge; a sharpness that...
  3. ussaid

    The Face of Murder (500 words)

    An amateur effort by me to write a strong themed tale under a specific word limit. Hope you enjoy, and please remember to give your most desired opinions and critiques. The Face of Murder 16th March The unending blood-thirst of these men is petrifying. I have lived at this place for too. Too...
  4. Revekka

    Bad analogies

    After seeing a post on Facebook of bad analogies written by high school students, I decided to come up with a few of my own. - The last breath escaped her like air from a balloon. (Taken from my comedy poem "How to Write a Loss Poem") - Dogs' ears are so soft like fluffy pink cotton candy. -...