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  1. K

    Are these kind of metaphors/descriptions beautiful, ugly, or distasteful?

    Is it ok to have metaphors in short stories? "In her dream, she had been playing under the iridescent moon – its crescent shape looking like it pierced the silence of the serene enveloping night." - It's night and I wanted to convey a peaceful, quaint image. "Beams of glowing light emanated...
  2. M

    The Song of Silence (Short Story)

    Hey guys, here is a short story that I wrote. It is surreal and steps loosely into fantasy. Thanks. The Song of Silence The desert road was a rod across the sand. Sparse emptiness either side. Just what Henry wanted. He also wanted the bump on Mary’s stomach to stop leaving an empty gap...
  3. P

    All the flowers are made of paper

    This has been spurred by a recent conversation, but is something that comes up time and time again on WF and in other crit groups. It's the instruction to cut work back, or the converse to add metaphor, emotion and imagery. What tends to happen, especially with developing writers, is that they...
  4. clark


    3 August 2017. At least three brief essays on Metaphor already grace this Discussion group, but PiP said she wanted more, so I--ever fearful of Piglet Wrath On The Sand (PWOTS)--hastened to comply. PiP said that many of the participants in the Challenge are quite new to writing poetry...