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mental illness

  1. P


    My first submission! "Choices" You could say that life was idealic for my partner and I; we had spent many long years basking in the warm sun, reveling in the mountain breeze. Our days were filled with laughter, ours mingling with the stuttering joy of our daughter. Our sweet little...
  2. lumino

    Some Possible Reasons why my Writing Sucks

    This doesn't really have the form of an essay but I still consider it a work of non-fiction. I would like constructive criticism as well as comments on what it says.
  3. lordusan

    The Wrinkly Man

    If you ask it, the wrinkly man will tell you he had always been there, Always had been in the space between the cabinet and the wooden chair, Seen only in the mirror in the hall; He would whisper to you, ever so slowly, that, that he knew, Whilst you slept ever so soundly, it was his name that...