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mental health

  1. N

    Anxiety and Panic Attacks

    I am sitting on my bed, reading a book, drinking my second cup of coffee for the day. I see it's time for dinner. So, I finish the coffee quickly but then change my mind to eat dinner later. I smirk at myself for being so fickle, so many thoughts invade my mind. It's so strange how our minds...
  2. The Carcosan Herald

    Lament of an Inner Demon [1.1k words; mature content]

    This piece contains themes not suitable for children, and may even prove to be upsetting for some adults. You have been warned! Oh. It's you again. Great... Just when I thought you might finally get your shit together, you come back here bitching about whatever crap has displeased you this...
  3. P

    We are at War

    Poetry isn’t really my best area although I enjoy the challenge. This one is very personal to me
  4. S

    Fighting for hope

    Fighting for Hope Remember all the dreams I wanted; But then my mind changed and seem to be haunted From fairy tales to dark demon To the areas of cold and unknown This is where I knew I’d be alone. I was always meant to say goodbye to reach for hope, it was held to high The road to...