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  1. T

    How to go about writing a flashback or memory?

    My character is currently experiencing a flashback. How would one go about writing this? Would I switch POV, from first person-present to first person-past? Or stay the same? DO I use italics? Sorry, just want to know opinions :) Thank you!
  2. A

    Shadows in the Light (Goodbye Grandma)

    My grandmother passed away this week, 1917-2011 (23/03) ` I walk from room to room trying to catch a glimpse of you, and all that I could see, are muted shadows playing tag. Sunlight catches visions of days now stored in memory and with your recent passing, you climbed upon...
  3. M

    Such beauty

    When photos show a fleeting glance A different beauty is oft revealed When rain yields nature’s hidden scents Distant memories are then recalled And so it was when he looked at her Her hair for a second dishevelled across her face That image burned into his deepest soul So beautiful...
  4. Richard.E.Craig

    Paradise Summers: Reminiscences of Childhood No1 By R.E.Craig

    Remember how-when we were young we ran among the golden meadow. Remember those sweet summer days by the cool burbling brook that ran at the foot of the bottom field. Remember how-as kids we played-how life was then forever. How days were blue and the sun shone hot upon our little pink backs...