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  1. siliconpoetry

    Anybody here from generation X or generation Y here?

    I recently hooked up with a client who is self-publishing a book that is his memoirs but geared towards the Baby Boomer Generation. It reminded me that my generation (Gen Y) 1980-2000 is somewhat similar to Gen X (except for the 70's :afro: ). I myself have been through some things from being...
  2. qwertyportne

    The Little Book with the Big Questions--A Memoir of my Golden Years

    Once upon a time, I fell in love, got married, bought a home, fathered a child and lost my job. Not all on the same day, of course. Weeks later, I saw an ad captioned MOST PEOPLE ARE TOO BUSY EARNING A LIVING TO MAKE ANY MONEY! Some guy named Joe Karbo was selling a book titled "The Lazy...
  3. I

    Hi There

    I would like to introduce myself to the community. I write a little here and there but I enjoy family time with my kids. Love camping and blogging too.:smile: Please visit my profile page to visit my personal blog & website.