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  1. cassie30


    I didn’t always hate Christmas. As a matter of fact I used to love and celebrate Christmas. My dislike of the holiday season probably began long before I became a Jehovah’s Witness. However, now that I know the true meaning of Christmas, I dislike it even more. Let me take you to my earliest...
  2. Mondestrunken

    Duke City Enchantment - Memoir

    To start off - I recently went through a couple of big life transitions and although I am happy with the direction things are going, it has put me into a bit of a slump. I'm feeling anxious about the future and thus I have been nostalgic for the simplicity of the past. This is an area of my life...
  3. D

    A Night To Remember (warning of violence and possible trigger)

  4. B

    "Rad" First time submission, a story from my addiction memoir

    LIGHTHOUSE I give Carol a hug. I feel sick, but a little excited; not sure if its early signs of withdraw or a...
  5. M

    Hello, I'm Mike in the West

    Have been living in Devon, south west England since 1985 when I retired. Have only recently discovered the pleasure of writing, so have everything to learn about this wonderful pastime. Tend to focus on a mixture of fiction and memoir, with occasional forays into the field of poetry. Looking...
  6. F

    Struggling writer plagued by ambition and fraught with addiction

    Yes, I am a writing addict. I have put my whole self into the craft. By day, I am a marketing communications manager - I write web content, blogs, social media postings, collateral and such - and I love that I have a job doing something I enjoy. But when the moon comes out, my inner wolf appears...
  7. G

    Hope to get involved

    I am a writer/editor in the Midwest who writes mostly poetry, children's novels and memoir. I have background in English, academic editing, writing educational materials and secondary-school teaching, but I think I mostly like writing poems about living in the Midwest and the great prairie...