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me again

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    Sober October - 2019 Ideas

    Get after it. Write something. Lift something. Run away or towards something. Eat a bit less. Consume less. Intoxicate less. I am getting a head start on this - feel free to join me. Should be fun! And horrible.
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    Existential Dissolution

    Haven't written much lately, so felt good to blow some dust off the keyboard! Any comments welcome. If you want to read anything I've written in the past, click the 'me again' tag at the bottom and there's more than you want, guaranteed. E.D. (Existential Dissolution) by R. Plurpenstein, Esq...
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    Back of the Line! *600w, language*

    Run your hands down the front of your body. Feel the muscles of your abdomen, the separation between each. Feel the sleek, powerful thigh muscles. Reach back and squeeze your buttocks, go ahead. It’s your body. Glance up into the mirror, see the neck tattoo you always regret, but in a flash...
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    A Quick Blog Post About Your Smartphone

    Taking This For a Journey Somewhere Else
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    Stacking Hay - 550w

    We stacked hay all afternoon, till the stacks were up above the house. We had to be smart about it, see, if you stacked without making a plan, you never could get up high enough to build up right and would just end up with a stack about twelve feet high. Or you’d fall off the stack and get hurt...
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    NF Excerpt - Construction WIP

    I have fifty or so chapters completed in my little subcontractors' guidebook, which has no name nor no real direction at this time. It's intended to become something of a niche-filler, since there is little service given to the little guy and Construction Management curriculum is geared largely...
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    **Lean In**

    Just word-barfing, to be honest, but thought I'd throw it out here so the wolves can shred it to pieces. Or, suggest some helpful ideas on how to expand into a more coherent story. Somehow when I write something it's tough to 'see' it after a certain point. Thanks! *** When he leans in, softly...
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    **Tralfador's Gift** [Gross, Language, Steer Clear]

    Cam’s hand had turned black. The other one, still purple and filled with blood, throbbed and ached as his heartbeat ceased. His ankles screamed. Even the slightest movement aggravated the flesh in excruciating nerve-fire. He noticed he wasn’t breathing, and wondered dully when he’d taken his...
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    **Fear Not** [This is what happens when I sit down and force out 1k]

    But I find, also, that there are demons about, deep, toothy ones, ones that speak in hushed tones, foreign tongues, and disappear once the eye trains upon them. Like shadows on the edge of a floodlight, they’re not real, but not unreal, either. I have been visited by one in particular, named...
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    Alan, You Insensitive Monster Dog-Lover [just for funsies, bad language]

    Alan loaded up the last pieces to the crib and slammed the tailgate. He pulled a crumpled twenty from his wallet and paid the sad bearded man, who grabbed his shoulder as he turned to leave. “Something you should know,” said the man, not looking Alan in the eye. “My daughter Emily died in that...
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    Drink From the Source

    And that was when I saw the corpse. Bumping against bank-willows in that awful heat, the bloated soul-vehicle of a strongman. I had been drinking palmfuls of water from that brackish lagoon for hours in the dark, but now that great husk rotting before me took shape in the first light of Yom...
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    Alembic's Wizard-Lizard (825w, adult content)

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    We used to do all kinds of wonderful things in our house, like wash clothes when we felt like it, leave sharp objects lying around, and sleep. Then came a couple of beautiful kids, tromping around hallways and banging on doors. Our first child, a daughter, wore disposable diapers. You know, the...
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    **Old Hank** 250w

    Old Hank by Ewe Noe Hooo When the blast of the train’s horn rang in his ears, Albertino cringed and nearly dropped his bottle. He and Hank had been living under the overpass, tucked up in the windless alcove between girders for the past ninety-eight months, according to the scrapes he'd made on...
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    **Piggott** 250 words

    “Who are you?” Silence. The man’s attention was fixed on the ornate scrollwork above the door which had been brought back from Hungary in the 50s after Hamby’s dad finished up his mission work and finally was allowed back in the states. The carved wood door frame was intricate and old, so they...
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    Herzog ~1000w **Possible Language/Mature Themes**

    Just wanted to share this one. Let me know what you think. Had intended to work on polishing it up and refine it but thirty other ones have my attention now. Enjoy. Herzog's Wiggin' by Ewe Noh Hooo Janie carried her purse to the table and dumped out a pile of empty prescription bottles. In...
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    Foundry Suit Meltdown -- 870w -- Language

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    Boring - 800w

    Pulled for some heavy editing and liberal application of the 'delete' key. Smooch!