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  1. kbsmith

    Mountains Feel No Pain (mature, 2300w)

    Mountains Feel No Pain Along the fields before him, a heavy fog breathes upon the deep green of flowing hills. He stands in blood as it gathers in a pool; an arrow protrudes from the beast at his feet. Dropping his bag, he withdraws a long saw toothed metal object. He grabs the horns of the...
  2. F

    Athraigh (part 1) (Mature)

    So before we start I must apologize about not posting my other writing project: Heathen days. I was meant to post it all before Halloween but... maybe next year. It's been pretty Hectic lately so it will probably take a while just to finish this one. However with that out of the way let's...
  3. Doofy

    What Does It Mean to be 'Mature'?

    A little essay I wrote a while back. I am an atheist, therefore, I base my evidence off - for the lack of a better phrase - atheist principles. I am not saying atheism is correct and religion is wrong, I am merely using what I believe to be the default state of a human, atheism. But I digress...