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  1. fpak

    Love in vain (1,562 words; expletives)

    Note: Rolla is a lower income area in Dubai. Also there is some explicit language in the story. Love in Vain (Working title) I drove Nabila to the airport that day for her afternoon flight to the U.K. My wife was going to commence her Master’s Course at the London College of Communication...
  2. fpak

    Flash fiction: Baby

    Before beginning the story I just thought I might highlight that Ammu and the narrator Nabil have had an arranged marriage. It is quite common among Indians and Muslims and I did not want to leave anyone who reads this here scratching their heads at certain points in the story. ​ Baby The...
  3. Taknovrthewrld

    A short story: Margery and Diggory go to Couples Counseling

    Margery and Diggory, her aloof husband, walked into the Couples Counseling Group with matching unease. Also matching were the color of her dress and his tie; her purse and his belt and boots; and their wedding bands, untarnished, still shining bright. But during the first few months of their...