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  1. Justin Attas

    Your Next Big Goal?

    I want to hear what everyone on WF is reaching for right now. A tangible goal, one you take action steps towards. It doesn't have to be writing-related, but it can be! For me, it's selling 20 copies of my writing course. I came out with it a few weeks ago and I'm pretty happy I've already...
  2. Mikeyboy_esq

    5 Ways to Promote Your Book on LINKEDIN

    There are many social media sites that authors can use to increase their book’s visibility and build a fan base. LinkedIn can be particularly helpful for authors of nonfiction or any book with a target audience that includes professionals. Below are the TOP 5 WAYS I use this platform to spread...
  3. Mikeyboy_esq

    Great Writing Advice from a FORTUNE COOKIE!

    PRO TIP: Sometimes the answer is in the fortune cookie! :icon_cheesygrin: This week, my all-knowing flavorless dessert said to keep my writing simple and concise. This is great advice if you plan to create an appealing book that will actually sell. To that end, I recommend the following steps to...
  4. Mikeyboy_esq

    Preparing a BOOK PROPOSAL will help your Marketing Efforts!

    PRO TIP: Writing an appealing book is critical for book sales. To ensure that your book is appealing to its target audience, I recommend preparing a book proposal well before you finalize the manuscript (not afterwards). For those unfamiliar, a book proposal is typically used by nonfiction...
  5. Mikeyboy_esq

    Book-Selling Formula!

    Simple Book-Selling Formula! This week, I answered questions as part of “ASK A PRO” sessions held during a writing conference. One of the questions I received from a first-time author was how to market her recently launched book. Ideally, that question should have been answered long before...
  6. Mikeyboy_esq

    Remember to MEASURE your sales data often!

    PRO TIP: To get the most out of your book marketing efforts, I recommend checking your sales data frequently. For example, if you are running new FB ads for your latest British spy novel, keep an eye on the actual sales results before, during, and after your ads. Knowing the sales impact of your...
  7. Mikeyboy_esq

    Interesting Article about ROOKIE MARKETING MISTAKES by authors

    Interestingarticle about ROOKIE MARKETING MISTAKES made by 1st time authors. Not sure Iagree with all of these, but most seem valid. I certainly made my share oferrors with book #1, but tried to learn from them when marketing my followingbooks...
  8. Mikeyboy_esq

    How to IMPROVE your Author Website...

    In case it helps anyone, here is a good article on how to IMPROVE your author website... https://www.yourwriterplatform.com/author-website-mistakes/
  9. Mikeyboy_esq


    This morning, I was excited to send emails to the folks on my small, but growing email list (less than 50) announcing the launch of my brand new book about book marketing tips. A few minutes later, I rec'd an ANGRY response from someone complaining that they never get emails from me and the 1st...
  10. Mikeyboy_esq

    Interesting Article on how to do BOOK SIGNINGS

    Here’s an interesting article on how to dobook signings... https://www.thebookdesigner.com/2018/11/book-promotion-do-this-not-that-november-2018/
  11. Mikeyboy_esq

    15 speeches & counting... seems to make a big difference in total sales!

    JUST AN UPDATE ON MY MARKETING EFFORTS FOR THIS YEAR: Last Friday, I attended a college teacher conference in Galveston (1.5 hour drive from my house) where I gave a speech on how to self-publish a book that was based on my 2nd book (a self-publishing guide). I only sold 5 books at this event...
  12. Mikeyboy_esq

    Great Article on Author Websites!

    Here’s a great article onsetting up an Author Website! https://www.bookdesignmadesimple.com/author-website-101/
  13. Mikeyboy_esq

    An Author's Life...

    When I started writing my first book approx. 6 years ago, I had no idea that an author is MUCH MORE than just someone who writes entertaining or informative books. It also means taking on many roles, such as small business owner, public speaker, web designer, social media guru, bookkeeper...
  14. Mikeyboy_esq

    Excellent Article on Disappearing Amazon Reviews

    Unfortunately, I've had this happen from time to time. This article seems to explain it fairly well. Here's an excellent article on Disappearing Amazon Reviews... http://christianediting.co.nz/fake-reviews/
  15. Mikeyboy_esq

    Good Article on how to find Speaking Gigs

    FYI: Here’s a good article on findingpaid and non-paid speaking opportunities! https://nonfictionauthorsassociation.com/how-to-locate-speaking-engagements-free-and-paid/ For what it's worth, I've had decent luck finding NON-PAID speaking gigs this year (did 7 already and have 5 more booked...
  16. Mikeyboy_esq

    My Book Sales by Format (eBook, print, audiobook)

    Just ran the sales numbers for 1st Quarter 2018 regarding my two nonfiction books and found the following results: 54% were paperback, 33% eBook, 10% audiobook, and 3% hard cover. Just curious to hear if otherauthors are seeing a similar breakdown of sales by format??? PS- If anyone...
  17. Mikeyboy_esq

    Good article explaining poor book sales

    Here’s a good article that may explain your disappointing book sales... https://www.thebookdesigner.com/2018/03/15-reasons-book-isnt-selling/
  18. Mikeyboy_esq

    Stepped Outside my Comfort Zone by giving 3 speeches at a College Teacher Convention

    Last weekend, I attended a large college teacher convention and gave 3 speeches based on my 2 nonfiction books. This was a huge step for me as I wasn't sure I'd have the guts to give presentations in front of my peers from all over the state (and possibly making a fool of myself!). Anyway, I'm...
  19. Mikeyboy_esq

    Great Article on Marketing in 2018!

    Thought some of my fellow authors might find this article helpful... https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/25-social-selling-experts-reveal-whats-required-succeed-dodaro/?trackingId=PvgFsyy%2FupM5ZiX936nlWQ%3D%3D
  20. Mikeyboy_esq

    Why JANUARY was my best month yet for Book Sales...

    January was my best month yet for sales of my 2 nonfiction books. (sold 101 books in January... a new record for me!) Part of the reason I was able to break my personal sales record was that I gave 2 speeches plus attended an Open House (a signup event) for another speech that I'm giving in...