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magical realism

  1. W

    WF Author Interview: Brandon S. Pilcher (Tyrannohotep)

    Our WF author in the spotlight for March is Brandon S. Pilcher (Tyrannohotep). Brandon is a passionate artist, essayist, and fiction writer currently based in Fallbrook, CA. Whether he is writing or drawing, his favorite subjects include dinosaurs and other prehistoric wildlife, the history of...
  2. TheBlackbird2579

    Fallen lotus: The Legends of Xiao Xue

    Synopsis Aeons passed, In a primal realm. Great empires rose… And fell. Immortal beings of unimaginable power battled tirelessly for Dao supremacy. Plotting and scheming with underhanded ferocity. Leaving swathes of destruction in their transient wakes. They ruled these primordial lands, where...
  3. Stormcat

    Crafting a magic system

    I wanted to post a "magical" smiley to grab your attention, but this was the closest I could get: :albino: So I'm writing a fantasy story with magic. I've just gotten to the part where the magic is revealed, but I'm still not sure if I want to make it a hard or soft magic system for the story...
  4. polaroidcaesar

    A Ghost Story (4492 words) (WIP)

    I should note that this is incomplete and very much WIP. However, I wanted to get some feedback about whether the shifting perspective works, and if the premise itself is compelling. I It is raining today, like it has been every day for the past weeks. I am watching the rain hit the dirty...