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  1. Tomkat

    Cover Letter for Magazines

    Hey there, fellows of the craft, would you help me understand how to write a cover letter for Online Magazines? I have no publishing records, nor I have that huge academic background to boast when I submit my short stories to these platforms. I usually started out friendly: "Hey...
  2. Princesisto

    My First Publication

    My story, "The End Of Independence", will be published in AHF magazine in mid-October 2019, in issue 9. It is my first publication in a magazine, as opposed to wattpad or a writer's site. For me, it is a milestone: more than that, like crawling out of three years of literary quicksand, in...
  3. Raging_Hopeful

    Call for Submissions! The Abstract Quill Magazine

    The Abstract Quill is still accepting poetry, short story, artwork, and non-fiction work for our July and October issues! Artwork continues to be an expanding area of interest for us so don't hesitate to send us work that you think would be a good fit for our magazine. Publication is non-paying...
  4. jlgraber

    Hello Fellow Writers!

    Hello fellow writers! I've been a journalist for almost 13 years. I started off as a stringer reporter for several newspapers, but after covering Columbine in my hometown, I turned to travel writing. I've spent the last decade covering travel for newspapers, magazines, and even hosted an...
  5. Raging_Hopeful

    CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - The Abstract Quill

    The Abstract Quill is now open and accepting fiction/short stories, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork submissions for the June publication. I have been a long time member of WF and am so proud to be able to premiere this publication among this writing community. Please stop by our new digs at The...