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  1. G

    River of Backhands

    Come with me, but please wipe your feet for a trip down the River of Backhands. Interesting fact, it was once called "regret" But the locals changed its name for the reaction it gets. It wants you mad. It don't want you dead. If it did, they would call it the "River of Death". So, hold your...
  2. G

    Bones in the Candle Light

    Everything it was you are Everything you see you'll be Separate paths but walked Seen the stars and noticed Sweet summer breeze, the fruit of trees Ground under feet Take a breath and hold it. The joy of sleep, and sadness weep a chilling pause of complex notice. A wound for ache, unselfish...
  3. G

    Piss Mist [ Explicit ]

    Your platforms stupid as hell. Open to the public, stuck in censorship cells. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut in case.. All you b*tches I talk sh*t on want to get in my face. Because you want to turn my word games to violence. Maybe I should note your name and stalk your family in silence...
  4. G

    Art in the Entropy

    Planting.. Reaping.. Seems so.. Fleeting Sometimes life, is simply getting water. Water... Sometimes life, is simply getting water. Moss can't gather on a rolling stone. But, nothings gained on the stone that rolls. Through the trees comes a violent breeze. Make a bed on the ground, fire...
  5. kbsmith

    The Early Bird Gets the Worm, but the Early Worm is Breakfast [adult/language]

    Do I need another lover Tell me where you’ve been Gone all night and You smell like weed and gin I cleaned the whole house Now you dirty it up again Stumbled in late dropped all your clothes in the den Do I need another lover Tell me where you’ve fucking been God I want to love you harder...
  6. M

    New Songwriter - got advice?

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself, thought this would be a great place to do that! I'm actually learning to become a better songwriter, working on my techniques, lyrical structure, etc...been playing guitar for a while. Actually, I'm wondering if anyone would know any great books...
  7. IndigoCypher


    The times, they aren't a-changing Yeah, we're all still here, and it's still raining. And we all say it's not really fair. Cause there's still the dirty crooks who don't really care. About the way people live and what they give. We've lost the trail, once again. To the Empire State, The...