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  1. lumino

    Does anyone have a copy of my piece?

    In 2012, I think, I wrote something and posted it on the writer's digest community site, but I lost the piece and then that site shut down, which is not the forum which they have today. In other words, they no longer have a copy of what I wrote. So I emailed one of the people who worked at...
  2. I


    Hi All, I am posting a short preview from my first chapter, it reads quite dark and mysterious but it wasn't supposed to :???:. Its supposed to be romance, any tips on how to convey longing. But maybe that is just the impression that I am getting, I would love any and all critiques you can...
  3. B

    Endless Path

    Endless Path A path unknown for a man who is lost, Going this way and that with chaos all around, Falling and Falling wondering when he will hit the ground, He realizes it will never end, So he remains there lost upon the very end.
  4. The Blue Pencil

    Discarded Goldmine

    Just a simple poem I wrote a few nights ago. There's a box on the mantle Dull gray colored, it's old and harsh. Mom wanted to throw it out I saw something different than what they saw. In its emptiness There lie a secret. In its dull ugliness slept a giant. And then I was kicking...
  5. J

    The Gift

    On the darkest evening of the darkest day There stood a once great man who had lost his way. A long life full of sorrow and pain This man had nothing more to gain. He searched the darkened, hallowed halls of his mind Knowing there was nothing good to find. He was full of despair and regret...