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  1. FrancisD

    Beta reader request for a 78k Crime novel set in the UK CLOSED.

    Contains violence, swearing and sex scenes. Below is the body of the query I am working on by way of a blurb. If you want to read a chapter to see if it is a good fit, let me know. The problem with hiding is they never stop looking for you. Danny feels safe tucked away in the little Welsh...
  2. sir_vile_minds

    The Reflection of Joy (What're you Talking About?)

    As I sat on the wall of the Thames Walkway, giving my feet a little rest from walking, I could only hear three things around me: the rippling water behind me, the low bass beat from the Oyster Shed bar 20 feet in front of me and the monotonous hum of voices. It was 6:30pm, otherwise known as...
  3. U

    Hello everyone.

    I am an aspiring writer living in London, although it is limited to my scanty leisure time. I hope I can soon exchange ideas with you all. Glad to be here!