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  1. Y

    Bridges (Part 3)

    Part 3 of "Bridges." Parts 1 and 2 can be found here http://www.writingforums.com/threads/147371-Bridges-(Parts-1-amp-2) Dressed in crisp, black suits, paper cups full of steaming coffee flit down the sidewalks, briefcases in hands. Steam spirals from the tops and fills their...
  2. Neutrality


    1: Happy Birthday my Foot Ever had a dream? Ever had a dream that you desperately wish was reality? I'm just going to assume the answer is yes to both questions. For many people that dream would be some-thing like being able to get the girl they've always lusted after, ruling the world...
  3. R

    From an Otherwise Comfortable Room

    [Shhh] I’m an island with a ghost in my head. I’m a rolling hill of grass. I’m a bird, an eagle or a sparrow. I’m a stag in the forest, a shadow in shadows. I’m a continent joining sunrise and sunset. I’m a saline sea whose waves are years. I’m a traveler and a homebody. I’m an artist...
  4. A

    An Extraordinary Boy

    An extraordinary boy What I mean by an extraordinary boy is the strange and unusual behaviors of him. He always tries to give up them but they always happen with him. He has an intense love for learning which makes his behaviors strange than others. He love wisdom and has a great desire to...