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  1. J

    A love letter for the times and seasons.

    My dearest friend, Regardless of what or when, despite how or why, whether we weather storms of unyielding sorrow, or endure the joyful bliss of each other's company, let our deepest love and affection be molded and heightened through every time and season we endure. Winter's chill may creep...
  2. Raging_Hopeful

    Call for Submissions! The Abstract Quill Magazine

    The Abstract Quill is still accepting poetry, short story, artwork, and non-fiction work for our July and October issues! Artwork continues to be an expanding area of interest for us so don't hesitate to send us work that you think would be a good fit for our magazine. Publication is non-paying...
  3. Hawke

    9/29/09 - Dec 21, 2012

    Hello, Dear Writers, and welcome to your next LM. Your challenge for this round is: Dec 21, 2012 It's 2012, do you know where you're children are? Do all library cards expire? Is it the end of evolution and we start reverting back into ooze? Does time start running backwards? Do we all run out...