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  1. lumino

    A Strange Event

    I haven't written much fiction throughout my life. I have been adult for a while now but I haven't written a lot compared to most people who want to be writers. I know that this is probably not very good, and I think I have written better things in the past. Since I am not accustomed to writing...
  2. S

    Darkness Lost ( Sestina )

    Introduction Because we are at heart a creative community, we try to keep things free and simple at Writing Forums. However, our community falls apart without the right rules and guidelines to protect our hard work and reputation. We know this from first hand experience. We aren’t going to...
  3. A

    3 poems

    My mind as a sponge, dry and hardened water poured upon moist, it became. #2 - Fire torched the sky man became many Few remained resilliant, others, feld the sea. #3 - In the light, shadows glow mountains rise to the moon sand brims beauty air.