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  1. C

    The Wanderer ---

    From brine that comes and goes Across hot sand Into hills and plains and groves My shadow tells the time And ratchets around my toes The mist falls from the ground And plays where it arose Then heights shrink underfoot As my eyes dry by what blows I blink and turn And see the shiny skirt From...
  2. Otviss


    There are birds that saw in pears. Yeah. Imagine. Either sawing with their wings like people? or with their beak, then graciously fly away. Just sawing in pears with a normal saw probably. But only in the middle. Tiny tiny tiny saws. They do that and you hear. You actually hear! The loud but...
  3. N


    Like Heraclitus put it, "Change is the only constant thing in this world". Really, who even likes change unless it is leading to something better. Even then, a certain depressive episode follows when you are going away from a certain place or thing. A nostalgic wave of memories and ache crosses...
  4. N

    Getting Through Teenage to Adulthood

    You did not like it when the alarm blew at 6 am in the morning and you had to get up, get ready and go to school? Or were you one of those annoying little kids who just loved waking up in the morning? It doesn't matter. Either one of you will relate to this. This journey of getting through...
  5. N

    Existential Crisis

    I have never really been a fan of Nietzsche or any such philosophy maestros. I have actually always thought of myself as an actual philosopher, ha! But I took a long break from my love for writing when I started delving myself in everything that was just supposed to keep me busy. But, it never...
  6. Eiji Tunsinagi

    I left for a while

    now I am back not sure why but that's the past like I got married I got a cat I got a place of my own that I rent with my wife from the cat it can feel like sometimes you choose a different direction, life says you should be this and then insists you do that and I still love clouds how I...
  7. H

    # 26 See Feel Be

    Making her laugh, my heart sings, sentimentally pulling heart strings, I smile. Tears in her eye, falling from mine. In my office she walked, mask of concern, biopsy, will you come? Messaged team, gotta go. Traffic pace, minds race, gown on, doctors face. Before one needle punched its...
  8. kbsmith

    String, knots unraveling

    I am separate from he. He is not me. Like, knots in string unraveled. Together pulled apart. He drags the hotrag 'cross the glass slowly, images appear from the other side As he clears the clouded sky Eversecond I am rotting; Eversecond that I bloom. Every second unraveled, revealing the truth...
  9. A

    Leaving Cracks

    Leaving Cracks Fear trying the new As history falls Isolate ourselves Building up our walls We're creating art Pictures in the mind Burying the truth They will never find Watch the pieces break Like they always do We won't reinvent Fix it all with glue This shall be repaired...
  10. gokedik

    Flying with Feathers

    My consciousness came to, on a rocky shore of a turbulent sea. Heavy, black, clouds lied in wait on a distant horizon, like the reaper himself. A canoe lay to the left. While waiting for a sign, the ‘I’ that once was, found itself pacing back and forth over soft and smooth stones, eroded by...
  11. gokedik

    Must this STUFF continue?

    The US, the most diverse country on the planet, leaves itself open for a set up of cataclysmic proportion nearly every day. The ‘world police’ gets itself in too far with someone else’s problem. Take Syria, this is a civil war and the US gets itself involved to protect it’s own interests but...
  12. gokedik

    Economic Genocide

    Citizenship is the US is over-rated. The opportunity they advertise is the ability to contribute to the free market machine by holding minimum wage employment that WILL NOT support a family of two adults, much less children. And rising above the bottom is fraught with roadblocks of language and...
  13. R

    Service provider or terror trader?

    In the light of new information that has come across, this particular article needs an image makeover in many aspects. As everyone on this earth wants to have ‘the best’, I am willing to give the best. Hence I am taking down the original for the time being. It will take some time to materialize...
  14. A

    Life in a Cuppa

    Up to a point ground leaves will seep into all its waters until the cup overflows so much as to stain the meticulously starched table linen. Then we shall face with reckoning its true substance!
  15. S.M. grimbldoo

    The Good Things in Life

    The Best Things in Life “The best things in life are free” The irony so painfully transparent Not even freedom is free, young’un
  16. F

    The Meaning

    Staring at the painting he wonders if there is any meaning. The blackened canvas holds a single line of light that barely arches across the frame. Beginning around the middle of the frame the line creeps out from the black background to a brilliant white division in the darkness. Then it fades...
  17. F

    The last day

    Playing in the morn, I'd watch the rising dawn. Making friends was a child's game when life had nothing to blame. Walking the barren earth, I watch a bleeding world. With nothing left to lose; I'll cry for my memories. Standing beneath the noon as others became wicked in their ways. They tried...
  18. S


    Well, to be honest I really don't know how I should introduce myself in a way that would help me fit in with the other writers on this site but here's my attempt. My name is Steve Miller, Like the band, I'm 17 years old and because of this I'm most likely one of the least experienced writers...
  19. D

    Life is

    “Life is ... Life is a stunning white bird streaking through the clear blue sky… Life is a honeybee honing in on a beautiful wildflower… Life is a gazelle running as fast as the speed of light… Life is the golden eagle spreading its wings… Life is the vividness of the leopard chasing its prey…...
  20. A

    Fruits of enjoyment