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  1. ManinMauve

    Mauve on the Loose

    My username is ManInMauve, as in a man in mauve. I've been dubbed as Manny, and Muuv. So, Manny or Muuv are acceptable (and loved) nicknames. (It's pronouned Mow-ve; but I've heard Mao-ve, Maw-ve, Maa-ve, Muh-ve, and more.) You can also call me, Niall. (Yes, like the singer.) I'm an old fart. A...
  2. Stormcat

    LGBT+ history of the Victorian Era

    Homosexuality has been observed in thousands of species on earth, Humans are but one of those said species. That being said, Humans are the only species on earth that records their history so future generations may learn about what was going on then. That being said, I need a bit of research...
  3. H

    Hi there!

    How are y’all doing? My name is Haiden and I’ve joined this forum to make some new writing friends and enjoy sharing work, finding help and advice and have a good old laugh! Please don’t be shy to pop up and say hi! I’m really keen to make some new buddies within this community! My favourite...
  4. JimmyTheAlien

    I write only happy endings(because I'm a Rebel :D)

    One thing I hate in tv shows/movies and books is a sad ending with no resolution(s) I suffer from depression and anxiety so it doesn't help me to watch depressing things if a story starts out depressing but then turns into a miraculous turn around, then okay, that's perfect/beautiful/wonderful...