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  1. P


    My first submission! "Choices" You could say that life was idealic for my partner and I; we had spent many long years basking in the warm sun, reveling in the mountain breeze. Our days were filled with laughter, ours mingling with the stuttering joy of our daughter. Our sweet little...
  2. E

    Searching for Salt (on the Island of Juntos)

    Hi All! I'd love some feedback on my fantasy novel, even if only a mark out of ten! Harsh criticism welcomed. CHAPTER ONE – THE LAND OF LILLIMOOR - LENA You know those mornings when you wake up, and for a blissful moment you forget what the day has in store for you? Well that's me this...
  3. yfewsy

    God Hates Us All

    So I was sitting in church and was reciting the "Profession of Faith" and came upon an interesting line in this prayer. "...We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father..." As I read this line I realized the word "only" in it. but as mentioned in...