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  1. Donald

    The surgery (language)

    Some dreams are just different from the others. They startle you and give you a new perspective on something and when you wake up, you feel as if a radical change has been made to your life, even though all you did was lie somewhere with your face in a puddle of drool. They open a secret door in...
  2. N

    The highest mountain in Cairo (Language, Adult Themes)

    On approach Flat-topped like a table With the father at its head And the sun's tail between its legs Signs of the Dead City Millions asleep in its bowels Most eternally safe Others, nowhere to be found Houses like wedding cakes Watching nervously The slow-motion avalanche Coming down the...
  3. B

    How annoying is Engrish to you? (intended.)

    Note: Intended, in the Title above, refers to the spelling of the word "English". I'm trying to find out how passable a side-kick/MC is, if he or she spoke broken English. For example, imagine if Robin spoke like this, through-out the whole novel, "I kill bad guys here, you save blonde...
  4. A

    To invent a new language, or not to invent a new language?

    I'm writing a story that I suppose could be called slightly Tolkein-esque (it does include the stock elves, dwarves, and well, humans, as well as the occasional baddie), but it's steam-punk. I love the sound of Old Norse, and I'm resisting the urge to create a language based on that, but I'm...
  5. Fox80

    Candy Sweet-REVISED-Part 1 of 2 (language, violence, narcotics, prostitution)

    WARNING: Contains violence, foul language, narcotics usage, prostitution. Disturbing. Please do NOT read if you are under 17 or offended by these topics. Here's Candy again - less offensive I hope. If not, it will be pulled again. I think this is about as mild as I can get it. 3246 words...