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  1. Raevenlord

    KDP - Kindle Direct Publishing on Paperback and E-Book

    Hey, guys. This has probably been touched upon already, and I did do a quick search, but couldn't find any thread directly relating to this. An e-mail just hit my inbox regarding Kindle Direct Publishing. You can find the bulk of what this means and what they offer here. I had already looked...
  2. Thorick

    Canadian Indie Publishers, Kindle, Smashwords, etc. And GST

    Hey, I've been very stumped lately, and unless I want to pay someone a bunch of money to have my question answered, I need to find it for free. This has been hard. As an Indie publisher, we often use Kindle, Smashwords, etc. as our storefronts. These companies sell the product for us. They...
  3. kowalskil

    Updating my mini-tutorial for Kindle users

    Updating my mini-tutorial for Kindle users My free online mini-tutorial for Kindle users--“Kindle 3 How To: Notes to share”--has been updated. The added Note 11, for a potential writer of a Kindle book, describes how to create an active table of contents. Writing it was a real pedagogical...
  4. larryslater

    Greetings All!

    This is my first writer's forum. I've been in printing and publishing for over twenty years but have just recently been doing some writing in the religious area. These have been 1000 word short stories set in a fictional monastery on various ethical and religious topics. The most recent works...
  5. TWErvin2

    Interview with Kindle Author

    Writing Forums Folks, If you have a minute or three, click on over and read the interview I did with Kindle Author about my novel Flank Hawk. Let me know what you think. Link: Interview: Terry W. Ervin II Terry