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    The Brookrow Bastards - Come What May

    Hello, all. "I come back to you now at the turn of the tide" with the, shall we say, 'final' version of the first chapter of my novel the Brookrow Bastard. Tear me a new one, or tear me down completely. I look for all criticism big and small. Mostly looking to see if this is acceptable as a...
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    Homecoming Pt. 2 - The Brookrow Bastards

    The second half of the first chapter of the Brookrow Bastards. Both are first drafts, and still need much revision. Mainly I am looking for opinions on the tone and especially on the back story in the dialogue. Also the argument near the end, not sure how I feel about it yet. Just putting that...
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    A Brother's Lament- The Brookrow Bastards (Language Warning)

    Language Warning *** This was once 'Homecoming' but has taken a few changes and is now 'A Brother's Lament' and thus it will seem very familiar to readers of the chapter 'Homecoming'.*** After countless revisions and rewrites, I am finally starting to settle in on a plotline. It has been a...
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    Prologue/Chapter 1? - The Man in Black

    Hello fellow writers! Okay, let's get right down to business here. Prologues, oh yes, the hated enemy of everyone ever apparently. I have run in to a conundrum then. Do they really have such a stigma? I have written a chapter to serve as prologue, as it takes place eight years before the main...
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    Chapter 2: A Soulless Husk

    Second chapter of my book the Brookrow Bastard. Thanks to all of you who've read the previous works I've posted, and a thank you to any newcomers as well. This chapter has some disturbing and violent imagery--think "horror-ish". This is a first draft, by the way, and introduces a lot of changes...