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  1. considered exchange

    considered exchange

    turn your gaze to power of life and death: they lie dormant, seeded potentialities; a flower's expectancy in each quiescent tongue and those who love either will surely sup of their fruit
  2. thread diving

    thread diving

    people are our real legacy; one day sure, entire poems shall have been forgotten, while remains a phrase or a feeling drawn from wells deeper than memory can reach, or device can retrieve much like thread-diving as we scamper for posts buried by traffic and flood posters… follow, subscribe, or...
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    MIdnight Courage

    ` I love the wee and trippy hours of an after-midnight when that glass slipper lays glistering aloof, in soft moonlight while weary dreamers poise inked quills to carve their thoughts onto pale parchment from a woozy head -- too early in the day to be about one's inescapable...
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    Musing on the Death of Poetry

    ` when the clack of keyboards cease and pages of unbound books scattered by the indolent breeze produce a melancholy dirge think of all the unwritten words that remain stillborn in the mind much like the gilded pheasant out of the snare and into the fire `
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    Hands Off the Snooze Button

    Arise, and walk along these streets, breathe and partake of the dregs of the mighty industrial age; paint the colours of its appeal - toxic fumes that light the path to days only just imagined. Parted lips bare wisdom, shatter the silence that shackles; within parched throat...
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    Spendthrift Heart Spendthrift: malingering along uncharted frontiers; liquid sorrow bastes unformed words whose crystal resonant vibrance reverberates within a pilgrim soul. Gaze once more upon your lint-filled navel and share the blossom of heaving bosom; therein find a brokenness with no...