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  1. D

    I have multiple cover arts for my ebook, can I include them all somehow?

    Okay so my illustrator gave me multiple cover arts. The primary one will be the actual cover art, but can I also insert the other cover arts he gave me into the word document that is my ebook? will that screw up the process KDP uses to convert an uploaded docx to what they convert docx files to...
  2. D

    Font, Font Size, and Formatting for KDP (Kindle)?

    So my ebook is almost done. I wrote it using the latest version of Microsoft Word. But as per the title, I have no clue what font, font size, and formatting to use. This will be my first published ebook so... I've read from others that I should just upload the word file when I'm publishing, and...
  3. MJCaan

    Issue with Amazon KDP

    Has anyone else found that the categories listed in the Kindle bookstore do not match the categories available to enter your book in KDP? I can't seem to find the superhero category in KDP, which is where my novel belongs. I've tried customer support, but in all honesty, they are either not...